Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To be Extreme

I read an article earlier today about "extreme" couponing. I was interested because I have a friend who is awesome at "saving" money at the grocery store. She has a great eye for sale items and is coupon crazy. She and I grew up together and our moms would clip coupons every Sunday. I guess that's where she gets her skills, but sadly I did not inherit these abilities.

I started thinking that couponing couldn't possibly be a genetic gift, right? I could totally coupon and probably save tons of money.

My friend gave me some tips, hints, and some websites with lots of lovely coupons. I printed some out and it felt pretty good to know that soon I would conquer the grocery store with these newfound couponing skills. My ego got the best of me and my first coupon excursion was a failure. I might have saved two bucks. I just didn't end up buying most of the stuff that I had printed out coupons for.

As I was reading that article today I felt much better about my whole coupon experience. I do have to give credit to many of the people who search and save loads of money, but who needs 1,142 packages of Jell-O? What about 30 canisters of meat seasoning?

I understand that everyone wants to save a buck and find a deal, but I guess this kind of extreme coupon clipping just isn't for me. Maybe if I was a hoarder it would be more appealing.

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