Monday, March 22, 2010

Rag Quilting

I have a problem finding the perfect bedding for our bedroom. I buy a bedding set that I love, and then realize it doesn't match the way I thought it would. Instead of returning it I just pretend in my mind that it matches good enough, but after a few months of this I begin to search for the perfect bedding again. I never find it, or I find it and it is way too expensive.

I am going to make my own duvet cover and it's going to look exactly how I want. Well, hopefully.

I bought some fabric at Joanne's last week. I love fabric, and this fabric was on sale so that makes it even better.

I've decided this duvet cover is going to be a rag quilt. I am kind of just winging it with this project. I've never made a quilt, and I'm kind of cheating. I'm using a queen sheet as the bottom layer. The top layer will be the squares of fabric sewn to the middle layer of flannel. After I sew all the squares I will sew the top and bottom layers together on the bottom and sides. I might use Velcro or buttons on the top of the duvet cover. We will see how it turns out! This is how much I have done so far:

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