Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Menu

Today is April 1st and I just realized that I hadn't planned a dinner menu for this month. I was just online searching and searching for something yummy to make for dinners during the weeks the month of April.

It's hard to find semi-easy vegetarian recipes, and I'd ideally like to have meals that require fewer than 20 ingredients that I never have on hand. I came across this site after I searched for "minimalist vegetarian."

I was pretty ecstatic because there are tons of recipes that sound delicious and the stuff required to make the meals seem easy enough to acquire. Here are a couple of options I might choose for this month:

Greek Pizza
Pesto-Polenta SpoonBread
Confetti Spaghetti

I think I'll keep the garlic ginger tofu on the menu this month. We can't get enough.

...and I need a few lazy I'll make:

Pierogies with peppers and onions
Spaghetti with Boca Crumbles OR (most likely) a frozen dinner...or two.

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