Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To be Tofu

About a month ago Josh and I watched a video about the factory farming of animals. I won't post it here. I'll just say it was horrible and we haven't eaten pork, chicken, or beef since that day. We occasionally eat fish, so I guess we'd be considered pescatarians.

I have never been too skilled in meal planning, and I thought that with this new diet it would be even harder. I decided to meal plan by the month, and every week would be the same as the last for that entire month. Sundays and Mondays would be vegetable ravioli soup nights, Tuesdays would be spaghetti...etc. etc. As I was planning I realized how little protein I was incorporating into our diet. The first thought that came to my mind was TOFU. Oh no...not tofu. That stuff is totally disgusting, right? I found a recipe and thought, okay...we'll try it. No promises.

I will admit, I was pretty intimidated when I opened the package and saw the floating white cube blobness. I drained it, cubed it, and threw it in the pan with some olive oil. Hmmm...not too bad. It started to brown and I added some garlic, ginger, and some stir-fry veggies somewhere in there. After about 20 minutes I added some Tamari sauce and let that cook for about five minutes. I steamed some brown rice and put the tofu concoction on top.

Deliciousness. I'm not bragging here. I would definitely not consider myself a good cook by any means, but this meal was pretty tasty. It doesn't add up to all the protein we need in a day, but it's a small step in going meatless.

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