Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Menu

Meal planning has never come easy to me. I used to wish I had those Martha Stewart skills and could actually plan out nutritious meals. I became easily discouraged when shopping for all the ingredients the recipes called for. It was upsetting to see all the wasted food at the end of the week because I had bought on impulse and not out of necessity. I needed more self-control and more motivation to actually cook the meals I had planned, but at the same time I needed less complicated recipes with fewer ingredients.

Last month I decided to try something new. I planned seven dinner meals for the whole month. They were fairly easy and the list of ingredients was short. The month of February went pretty well. It was much less stressful at the store because I knew exactly what I wanted so I didn't have to spend much time browsing and walking all over the place. Here is the dinner menu for the month of March.

Sunday: Fish w/ Brown Rice and Steamed Veggies
Monday: Spaghetti w/ Boca Crumbles
Tuesday: Vegetarian Chili
Wednesday: Vegetarian's always better the 2nd day
Thursday: Pizza...Frozen...lazy night :)
Friday: Garlic Ginger Tofu (Repeat from last month...can't get enough)
Saturday: Dinner out...another lazy night :)

Okay, so I probably still need to work on the nutritious part. Hopefully in the next 9 months I can get that part down too. For now I'm just happy that our trips to the grocery store have been cut down to about two a week in comparison to the four or five was that bad.

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