Thursday, February 18, 2010

To be Motivated

I have some jeans hanging in the closet. They are a size 10. Unfortunately, I can't fit into a size 10 jeans.

This past week I got dessert from Fresh Market five times! Yesterday I ate way too many pancakes for breakfast, and then proceeded to eat a pastry from Panera after lunch. I could have worked out on any day this past week, but somehow I always came up with something better to do. Mostly surfing the productive. Then I look back on the day and think about all that I could have accomplished. Today I decided to take steps to work on myself.

I got Lily dressed. We headed over to the YMCA and did the whole tour. I was ready to become a member as soon as I saw the childcare room. You mean I can be a mom and still workout?! You're telling me that these nice ladies will watch my baby while I workout and relax with some "me" time in the sauna?! Yes, sign me up! I think Lily agreed.

So maybe those size 10 jeans aren't going to be hanging up in the closet for too much longer. Maybe I'll put them where I can see them everyday. A reminder that the pecan pastries or the tiramisu just might not taste as good as fitting into those jeans feels.

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