Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Love Wishing

I have a problem with wanting things. I really do wish I didn't want so many things...but...I do. So, here is another Wish-List Wednesday.

I would love to actually use my time more wisely and teach myself to knit. I can cast on pretty good, but that's about all so far. If I actually picked up the needles and yarn during Lily's nap I might be a little further along.

I would also really love to have my hair colored. It would be nice to be a little blonder.

And Finally, I would really like to go shopping. I really like this dress, so I wish for the ability to actually look good in it:


  1. I hear you on the dress! I was cruising around the web yesterday looking at all the super cute dresses at Ann Taylor Loft think oh I love this, I love that. Everything looked so cute on the super tall and super skinny models. On me, well they would probably look otherwise.

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