Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To Be Ten Months

We celebrated Lily's ten month birthday last week. It's getting harder and harder to get good month milestone pictures. She is obsessed with the camera, so that makes it a little more difficult. We finally got some good shots after bringing out the bubbles.

At ten months Lily is crawling around like crazy. She is constantly pulling herself up on anything she can find and loves to wave and clap. It's weird to me that she is doing all these new things. I guess I just never imagined her not being a helpless baby.


  1. aww stephy! shes so cute! she will always need you (i know you know that, but i had to say it). im so glad you are enjoying having her around now. i know those first few months were tough. see, its like it never happened =)

    are you pregnant again yet? =P

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